TED Talk (Image Credit — Forbes)

About a year ago, we posted “The 6 Best TED Talks about Financial Services.” The subject matter experts covered topics from digital transformation, blockchain, microfinance, and cryptocurrency — all within financial services. The short-form, storytelling format continues to be influential in helping audiences globally absorb industry content.

This year we…

Business Exec Walking a Tightrope (Image Credit — ERP)

The headlines for the FinTech industry are filled with high-profile acquisitions, companies going public, and a bank charter approval — all within the last 7 months. It would seem the investment community can’t get enough of innovative financial services firms and their platforms.

For founders of early stage fintechs and…

Mobile screens for Vibe, Klarna’s new loyalty program (Image Credit — Efma)

The financial impact from COVID-19 resembles what happened after the Financial Crisis of 2008–2009. Concerned about fees, interest rates, and high levels of debt from loans and credit cards, consumers looked for alternative payment methods in debit cards. For millennials and younger generations, credit is not an option that they…

William U. Morales

More than innovation in financial services — covering the next generation in FinTech and Banking. Content, strategic partnerships, and growth @FinTechtris

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